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Wedding Tips & Tricks

We know that your wedding day is the most important days of your life.  
At Beau Soleil Weddings we love nothing more than working with Brides to help them realize their wedding dreams.  Whether you are planning a smaller, more intimate celebration or a large, extravagant affair, we will work closely with you overseeing the placement of every detail

What We Do

We begin by setting your budget, talking about your vision and reviewing floral and design options.  We'll take your weddings color scheme into consideration and also advise you on bouquet choices depending upon venue, season, and theme.  In the end, we create a beautiful and innovative design esthetic for your special day.

Your Consultation

The initial consultation you will give us basic information helping us make your wedding just what you envision.  The more detail you can provide, the better.  Photos are extremely helpful which you can send via email or text.  Pictures show designs and florals you like as well as pictures of bridal party attire and swatched and venue information, if available, are all helpful.


Be frank about your budget so we know what to recommend.  By taking your budget into consideration from the very beginning, we can give you the best advice on design choices for the maximum effect.  Be open to different options.

The cost of flowers differs depending on any number of factors.  If you marry around a holiday, such as Valentine's Day, expect florals to be at a premium.  If you wed in the winter, certain flowers will be harder to come by hence becoming more expensive.  Obviously, if you have a very large wedding, all costs are proportionally higher.  So, what should you expect to spend on you wedding flowers?

About 10-15% of your overall wedding budget is pretty standard for floral costs.  This number could again fluctuate depending on your taste, season, and timing.  This amount pretty much covers the Bride's Bouquet, Bridesmaids, Groom, Groomsmen, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Ceremony, and Reception. 

Linens and other Decor Items are pretty much priced at a flat rate and can also be offered with a package discount if multiple services are ordered.

At Beau Soleil, we know you are spending on many different things for your wedding and we are committed to creating your design fantasy without breaking the budget.

Choosing Design and Florals

You may have worked with a florist or designer on events like prom, sweets, milestone birthday parties, etc but as with most big events especially weddings picking the layout requires special attention.


Something Brides don't realize is that these choices are going to punch up the "WOW" factor of your ceremony and reception and appear in almost all of your formal photographs.  At a minimum, you'll probably want to order the Bridal bouquet, bouquets for your attendants, boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen and fathers, corsages for the mothers, flowers and decor for the ceremony and reception site.  The first thing is to find a Designer who gets YOU and understands YOUR vision and will get the "JOB DONE RIGHT".

Other accent items we provide such as linens, backdrops, and accent decor can be added in after the basics are taken care as they add a little "over the top" to the already beautiful setting.

When to Start Planning

Because of time constraints and to give each bride the utmost attention, most vendors can only accept a certain number of weddings any given day.  It is important to book vendors well in advance of the wedding day.  Key phrase:  "It's Later Than You Think".  Wedding time moves twice as fast so its never a mistake to book early.  The minimum should be about 3-4 months lead time to allow for custom ordering if necessary.  If your wedding is going to be an exceptionally elaborate event, take place during peak season or during a holiday, booking 6-12 months prior is ideal


Wedding Do's & Don't's

       You probably spent many of your childhood years dreaming of this one day…From the moment he slipped the ring on your finger, you finally could start planning your dream:  your wedding day!  Who will be in your wedding?  Where will you be married and have your reception?  What exotic location will you choose for your honeymoon?  Once you have laid the foundation for your wedding, it is time to make the other important decisions.  You must choose a photographer, DJ or band, invitations, a cake and a FLORIST.


      For most brides, choosing a florist and deciding what floral & decor setting you want can be a difficult and tedious process.  How will you know what you want when you don’t even know the names or varieties of flowers & other items?  How will you know you’re getting a unique and beautiful floral expression without spending your entire budget?  How will you choose the best design for your particular needs?


       Relax!  We can guide you through your entire wedding floral & design process.  We will not only help you choose your floral and other decor but will also educate you throughout the entire process, customizing your desires and tailoring them to your specifications.  We will walk you through, step by step, the major decisions such as color scheme, floral selection, theme and budgetary concerns.


       The intention of this guide is to prepare you for your first consultation with us.  It will help you make educated decisions and pose questions for you to ask.  Additionally, this guide is written from industry perspective.  The more you know about your purchase, the more satisfied you will be with the end result.

       As a florist and designer, the very first thing we recommend is to look through some bridal magazines and other bridal publications for initial ideas.  Look through at least two or three magazines and pick out all the ideas and themes you like that pertain to what you may have already planned.  Also, we encourage you to talk to your married friends and relatives and even attend some bridal shows and exhibitions to gain more ideas.  You may even want to start a folder specifically for your floral decoration ideas.  Bring this folder to your initial consultation or email/text us your choices.


        Further, have a clear and firm idea of what you absolutely DO NOT want.  Again, have a general budget set.  While you don’t have to know 100% what your budget is or what it will be, you should have a general idea.  Setting initial parameters will give us a frame of reference to work with. 

The following is a list of simple do’s and don’ts to consider before and during your initial consultation:


  • Prior to our initial conversation, DO get online and visit various floral websites to familiarize yourself with different floral and foliage varieties and bouquet ideas. If you don't know where to start we can help.

  • DO call us to set an appointment time and date.   Most consultations take an hour or so and we want to be able to provide undivided attention)

  • DON’T bring more than one other person to your first in person consultation.  Too many people can make your consultation hectic and can cloud your opinions.  It is common these days for consultations to be done virtually via email and phone.  Easier for both parties with regard to scheduling.  Both options are fine with us.

  • DO have a general floral/decoration budget set.  Typically, your floral decoration budget should be between 10-15% of your entire wedding budget.  Again, if you are unsure we can help.

  • DO make us aware of any budget considerations at the time of your consultation.

  • DO be honest with us.  Be upfront if you are merely price shopping.  If you are price shopping, we will still provide a price quote after the consultation, however a written contract will not be received until after the date has been reserved.

  • DO check with your church/venue before your consultation for all applicable specifications and restrictions.  For instance:

    • In Catholic churches, flowers are generally not permitted on the main altar, but flowers are typically allowed on the back altar.  Some may only permit fresh flowers in the sanctuary

    • Episcopal churches typically permit flowers, plants and candles, but the altar arrangements cannot be taller than the arms on the standing cross.  Additionally, simplicity is encouraged as to not detract from the religiousness of the ceremony

    • Like Episcopal churches, Lutheran churches permit a wide array of decorations, but generally do not allow decorations on or around the pulpit area

    • Protestant churches are generally the most open and accommodating, but it is advisable to consult with your minister for his or her personal regulations

    • Synagogues may allow a variety of floral decorations and may permit you to decorate the chuppah or supply your own.

    • Some venues require immediate cleanup after event and an extra charge may apply for late night pickup

    • With regard to late night pickup, venues may also restrict set up time for vendors.  We need to account for ample set up time depending on the extent of the design.

    • Certain venues do not allow beach access for weddings or allow lit candles on site.

    • Ask what types of linens, etc they provide.  Typically, it is standard white linens with a colored napkin.  Chargers, chair covers are usually an additional costs and may be more cost effective through a 3rd party vendor.

  • DO incorporate your personal style into your ceremony and reception floral scheme.

  • DO expect to pay a deposit to reserve your wedding date.  Your deposit is often non-refundable, but will be applied to your wedding order.  You may also be required to sign a contract to process and fill your wedding order.  This contract will most likely be sent to you following the receipt of your deposit.

  • DO tell us if you or any member of your wedding party has any specific floral or foliage allergies

  • DO be open to alternate suggestions from us.  Sometimes, one look can be achieved in a multitude of ways, especially if you want to stay around a certain price point.

  • DON’T overdo a theme.  The key is tasteful and understated.

  • DO make sure your contract outlines all the duties and responsibilities you expect us to perform.  Often, an additional fee may be incurred if you want us to service or deliver your wedding.

  • DO keep in mind that you may pay a premium price for your wedding flowers if your wedding coincides with a holiday (i.e. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc).  Additionally, keep in mind that some churches will not perform wedding ceremonies during “holy” times of the year (i.e. The Lenten season).

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