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Communities Served

At Beau Soleil Weddings, we transform dreams into breathtaking realities for weddings across North and South Carolina. Whether your celebration takes place on the beautiful shores of Myrtle Beach, the arts district of Asheville, or historic Charleston our team is dedicated to curating unforgettable moments for you and your guests through floral and decor design. Contact us today to start bringing your bridal vision to life.


Cities We Serve

While our team is based in Conway, SC, we are grateful to work with couples throughout North and South Carolina. When your big day finally arrives, we’ll drive to your chosen venue to handle decor and floral set up and clean up.

Areas we serve in South Carolina include:

Areas we serve in North Carolina include:

  • Raleigh

  • Charlotte

  • Asheville

  • Wilmington

  • Durham

  • Greensboro

  • Winston-Salem

  • Greenville

Our Services

We offer a number of services tailored to elevate your celebration. Our team works closely with couples to understand their vision, preferences, and personalities, ensuring that each design element reflects their distinct style. From the moment you say "I do" to the last dance, we’re dedicated to creating an atmosphere that reflects your unique love story.

coral bridal bouquet beach wedding
coral bridal bouquet beach wedding

Floral Design

Whether you envision a romantic garden affair, a modern and sleek celebration, or a whimsical wonderland, we tailor our floral designs to seamlessly integrate with your unique style and wedding theme.


Our expertise extends beyond bridal bouquets to encompass a comprehensive array of floristry services. From ceremony arches that frame your vows with cascading blooms to aisle arrangements that guide your path to marital bliss, we curate a floral symphony that harmonizes with every element of your wedding day.

Flower Bouquet

Schedule a Free Consultation

Let's design your dream wedding together! Contact us to schedule a free consultation and bring your vision to life.

Pretty in pink

Wedding Design

With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, our team ensures that your wedding seamlessly comes together to create a cohesive and visually stunning experience. We bring creativity, innovation, and a keen sense of aesthetics to the table, so your special day not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


When that big day comes around, we work diligently to bring your vision to life, ensuring that every element is in place and that your venue exudes the magic you've always dreamed of. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees that your wedding day unfolds with grace and precision.

Pretty in pink

Decor & Linen Rental

We offer high-quality decor and linen rentals for all budgets and tastes, working with couples to help them source items that bring their visions to life. On your wedding day, our experienced team handles the seamless installation of decor elements and linens, ensuring that everything is set up to perfection.


Our decor and linen services are customizable to ensure that every element aligns seamlessly with your preferences. Whether you desire personalized monograms, specific color schemes, or thematic motifs, our team works closely with you to bring your vision to life, infusing a personal touch into every detail.

About Beau Soleil Weddings

Our team has been designing breathtaking weddings since 2010 for brides and grooms looking to elevate their special day. We understand that the ambiance of your wedding plays a pivotal role in creating lasting memories, and our dedicated team is here to ensure that every detail is crafted to perfection. Whether your wedding theme is classic, rustic, modern, or whimsical, our diverse portfolio showcases a range of styles to suit your taste. We pride ourselves on adapting to various themes and venues, ensuring a seamless connection of our floral and decor designs with your chosen aesthetic.

Ready to Start Designing Your Wedding?

Reach out to our team today for a free consultation on your big day!

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