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Decor & Wedding Flowers in Myrtle Beach, SC

As a premier provider of decor and wedding flowers in Myrtle Beach, SC, the team at Beau Soleil Weddings prides ourselves on bringing magic to your special day. Whether you're exchanging vows with the ocean as your witness or hosting a celebration in one of the charming venues along the Grand Strand, our designs seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of the coastal surroundings. Reach out to our team to start planning the wedding of your dreams.

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Myrtle Beach Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a reflection of your individuality, and our florists take great pride in crafting bespoke arrangements that speak to your unique style. We offer a wide range of wedding flowers in Myrtle Beach, SC including bouquets, boutonnieres, flower arches, centerpieces, and so much more. Our designers take the time to deeply understand your aesthetic preferences and craft artistic arrangements that complement your love story.

We source the freshest local blooms to infuse a touch of Myrtle Beach into every arrangement. Our inspiration comes from the latest trends and timeless traditions, resulting in floral designs that are both contemporary and classic. Your preferences, combined with our expertise, result in floral designs that are not only breathtaking but also uniquely tailored to your vision and the venue you’ve chosen for your special day. Browse our gallery for examples of our past work.

Flower Bouquet

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Myrtle Beach Wedding Decorations & Design

As wedding decorators in Myrtle Beach, we cater to a diverse range of themes and styles, ensuring that your special day reflects your unique personality and preferences. Whether you envision a classic beachfront affair, a bohemian garden celebration, or a modern chic soiree, our designers collaborate closely with you to curate a theme that resonates with your love story.


Looking for custom decor pieces to bring your vision to life? Our team understands the importance of personalization, and we work closely with you to incorporate unique elements that hold sentimental value. From custom signage and monogram details to handpicked decor items that resonate with your journey, our goal is to infuse your wedding with meaningful touches that make it truly one-of-a-kind.

We offer decor rentals, featuring a curated selection of stylish and high-quality items that effortlessly enhance the ambiance of your wedding.  Our collection includes linens, furniture, arches, glassware, candles, and more pieces designed to elevate your wedding. Contact our team to learn more about our Myrtle Beach wedding decor rentals and design services.


Working With Us

When you choose Beau Soleil Weddings for your decor and floral needs, you can expect a collaborative design process that places your vision at the forefront. Our experienced team is here to listen, understand, and bring your dreams to life. From the initial consultation to the final execution, we work closely with you, ensuring that every detail aligns with your preferences and reflects the unique story of your love.


On your wedding day, you can expect our team to execute the envisioned decor and floral designs with precision and artistry. We handle all aspects of setup, paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every element is in place. After the celebration, our team efficiently breaks down and removes all decor elements, leaving the venue in pristine condition. Our experienced professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on the joyous moments without any stress.

About Beau Soleil Weddings

We’ve been honored to make wedding dreams come true for over a decade. At the heart of our vision is a commitment to transforming your wedding into a masterpiece that captures the essence of your journey together. We believe that every love story is distinct, and your wedding should reflect that individuality. Our team is committed to curating weddings that go beyond the ordinary, creating an atmosphere where every detail, from the floral arrangements to the decor elements, tells a story of love and happy memories.

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